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The UNDP Gender in Development Bureau

The UNDP Gender in Development Bureau (GID) is an implementing agency for UNDP projects in Kyrgyzstan. With UNDP assistance it was established in 1995 - the year of the Fourth Women's Conference in Beijing.

The Bureau's mission is to support women's and men's initiatives to contribute to sustainable human development through social mobilization, promoting women's advancement and promoting gender mainstreaming in policies, programming and implementation.

To achieve this mission, GID Bureau's work focuses on two key dimensions: Social mobilization and Gender and Women in development.

The GiD Bureau is implementing three projects:

  1. Participatory Poverty Alleviation Programme

    This Program aims at empowering the poor for self-reliance and advancement.

  2. Promoting Women in Leadership Project

    This project focuses on building women's capacity for leadership and promoting gender awareness among the public, emphasising the mainstreaming of gender issues into national policies and programs.

  3. Capacity Building Support for NGOs and CBOs in the Social Sector

    This project aims at enhancing capacity of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) to support development work issues on the community level.

Something to Report On
  • Poverty Alleviation component is active in all seven provinces of the country, covering 29 rayons and 119 villages.
  • More than 100 million soms have been disbursed as microcredits. The repayment rate is 96,26%.
  • 1,250 Self Help Groups of poor have been mobilized, involving 8,645 people and about 32.580 beneficiaries.
  • 513 Community-Based Organizations are established to pursue initiatives for planning the community development.
  • 105 projects worth of $577,000 for rehabilitation of local infrastructure are being implemented by Community Based Organizations benefiting directly about 30,000 people of 69 villages.
  • A cadre of 28 trainers was prepared, who, in turn, trained 430 women in basics of women's leadership.
  • $89,000 were granted to build capacity of rural NGOs/CBOs and encourage social infrastructure rehabilitation initiatives throughout the country.
  • With support from UNV, several trainings to courage social infrastructure rehabilitation initiatives were organized, in which around 70 NGOs/CBOs took part.

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