Welcome greetings to participants, guests, and spectators of the II World Nomad Games Print Version

I welcome all participants, guests, and spectators of the II World Nomad Games!

The First World Nomad Games held at the initiative of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Almazbek Atambayev in 2014 have laid a foundation for the new international tradition, which is important from the different point of views.

The ancient land of Kyrgyzstan with a centuries-long history and traditions of the nomadic civilisation preserved by people gives new sprouts in a modern and rapidly changing world.

Open sports competitiveness, passion and commitment to fair and recognised by all the victory are an important basis and impetus for the understanding of the ancient traditions of the nomadic civilisation, drawing attention to the many kinds of reviving the ancient ethnic sports.

The idea and the content of the games of the World Nomad Games are harmoniously linked to many objectives of the United Nations Development Agenda-2030, including the promotion of healthy lifestyle and health improvement, strengthening peace and comprehensive partnership.

The World Nomad Games are a national contribution of Kyrgyzstan in the world's efforts to promote sustainable development.

The popularity and scale of the World Nomad Games are growing rapidly: more than 50 countries will take part in tournaments in the most ancient and exotic to the modern world events. This is a great opportunity for better understanding of the history of the people, the path they went through thousands of years of formation of the modern civilisation.

The potential and the contribution of the World Nomad Games are high and will increase further in the consolidation of peace and good neighbourly relations between the peoples, the development of an active intercultural and interethnic dialogue countries.

I welcome the new initiative, which Kyrgyzstan is going to perform with at the upcoming 71 sessions of the UN General Assembly in September 2016 on the inclusion of the World Nomad Games in a substantial part of the UN resolution "On the promotion of interreligious and intercultural dialogue, understanding and cooperation for peace."

I hope that the II World Nomad Games will be a memorable event for the athletes, the participants of the games will delight audiences from around the world and will provide new opportunities to explore the Kyrgyz Republic, its rich nature, ancient and unique culture, and hospitable multinational people.

I wish participants new achievements in sport games participants!

I am sure that the II World Nomad Games will become one of the most memorable events of this year, the year of the History and Culture announced by the Kyrgyz Republic.

Let well-being, good neighbourliness, peace and prosperity will become the highway of development for all peoples and nations today and in the future.

Let everyone in this way to be “United together! United in spirit ".

Alexander Avanessov

UN Resident Coordinator,

UNDP Resident Representative in

the Kyrgyz Republic

September 1, 2016