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National consultant for undertaking classroom observation exercise within Equity Programme in Southern Kyrgyzstan Send to a friend Print Version
Expire date Thursday, 26 September 2013
Contract type Consultancy service contract
Duration 42 days (15 October- 30 November 2013)
Place Bishkek, field trips to the southern regions of Kyrgyz Republic are envisaged.
Terms of Reference


Classroom observation tool had been developed within the frame of Early Childhood Development (ECD) project in 2008 mainly to serve the purpose of teachers’ professional growth and performance self-reflection. Within the frame of Equity programme it is suggested to modify and use the tool as a proxy indicator for measuring the quality of services including teaching practices in the absence of agreed and approved tool at the national level. The given initiative contributes to Programme Component one: Equitable, Quality and Responsive Systems for Children.

Consultancy objective and scope of work:

Under the supervision of ECD Officer and in close collaboration with implementing partners and Osh Zone office staff, national consultant will perform following tasks:

• Develop the methodology for both baseline and end line exercise applying the same tools used for the 2012 baseline survey in 13 CbKs in order to ensure consistency and ability to compare indicators

• Facilitate official permission for conducting the survey in 51 target CBKs from relevant agencies (MOES, district education departments, etc.)

• Suggest template for database to enter the data from previous and upcoming surveys

• Conduct refresh session for trained data collectors who will be involved in the exercise

• Supervise logistics of data collection and quality control of baseline in 51 new CBKs and end line in 13 CBKs set up in 2012

• Supervise data entry process

• Prepare and facilitate meeting to present the classroom observation exercise for stakeholders including recommendations for improvement of quality aspect and plan of action for local education departments on incorporation of the tool into routine practice.

• Present the tool to MOES, Kyrgyz Academy of Education and other interested partners including recommendations on possible adoption of the tool as a routine monitoring in preschool education institutions countrywide

• Produce report for internal UNICEF usage with baseline and end line data for 13 CBKs with data analysis on the progress achieved and recommendations for further routine usage of the tool in target CBKs as well as baseline report for 51 CBKs including recommendations and follow up actions

• Produce one comprehensive report for external audience describing the rational for introducing the tool, theoretical justification for chosen methods and indicators as well as general findings and recommendations.


Qualification requirements:

• Degree in education or related field

• At least 5 years of experience in monitoring and evaluation in the field of education

• Ability to work in diverse teams and coordinate flexibly

• Excellent analytical and report writing skills in Russian

• English and Kyrgyz language skills are an asset

• Ability to work under time pressure

• Previous experience in organization and conduction of trainings

• Excellent organizational and management skills

• Previous experience in providing similar consultation for UNICEF

• Availability for extensive in-country travel

• Ability to work remotely with minimal supervision and exercise judgment in interactions with implementing agencies and partners

• Ability to work in the diverse team

Contact information

Deadline for application submission: 26 September 2013 (till 06:00 PM)

Conditions: All interested persons are requested to submit cover letter, CV, P11, recommendation letters, proposed rates for a consultancy services in a closed envelope by indicating the vacancy number (VNC/KIRA/21/13) to the below address: 160 Chui avenue, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, UNICEF office or Only selected candidates will be invited for the interview.

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