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United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

"I care... Do you?"
UNAIDS in Central Asia and Kyrgyzstan

UN assistance in the area of HIV/AIDS and STI prevention started in Central Asia in 1994 through the WHO Global Programme on AIDS. With the creation of UNAIDS in 1996, a UNAIDS Central Asia Office was established in Almaty, Kazakhstan with a regional mandate and headed by the Inter Country Programme Adviser.

Of regional activities can be mentioned

  • The recent establishment of UN Central Asian Regional Offices’ Working Group on HIV/AIDS Prevention, initiated by the World Bank, which will identify priority areas for regional cooperation.
  • The annual Jonathan Mann Award; to encourage prevention and information activities among media, civil society and governmental institutions
  • Regional newsletter Into Focus, which is published jointly with UNESCO and UNICEF
  • Joint regional project with UNICEF, and the initiation of other joint projects through PAF
  • Technical assistance in the preparation of the National Strategic Programmes on HIV/AIDS prevention, and the application for the Global Fund.
  • Establishment of National Programme Officer positions in all countries
  • Technical support and assessments undertaken by external consultants, among other on the needs of vulnerable groups and PLWHA
  • Organisation of several regional trainings and conferences, and provision of technical assistance – among other on 2nd generation surveillance
  • Implementation of the UN Theme Group Integrated Work Plan
  • Providing assistance to the governments and UNTG in their resource mobilization efforts for expanded response to HIV/AIDS

In Kyrgyzstan, the UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS, with a membership of UN co-sponsors, NGOs, donors and relevant ministries has been responsible for HIV/AIDS prevention activities, with the technical support of UNAIDS. During the past years, UNAIDS and the UN Theme Group have assisted in the implementation and evaluated prevention activities among vulnerable groups, done assessments, and facilitated resource mobilization.

UNAIDS provided technical support in the development of the National Strategic Programme on HIV/AIDS prevention, which was adopted in 2001.

In 2002, UNAIDS undertook the following activities:

  • Technical support in the preparation of Kyrgyzstan’s successful application for support from the Global Fund
  • Facilitating the harm reduction component and strengthening interventions among vulnerable groups
  • Needs assessment to identify priority areas for cooperation and coordination among the agents involved
  • Facilitation in sectoral programme development and technical capacity building
  • Support to additional resource mobilization
  • Provision of information and introduction of best practices

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