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The United Nations Development Framework (UNDAF) for the Kyrgyz Republic 2005-2010

The United Nations Development Framework (UNDAF) for the Kyrgyz Republic is a result of a consultative process, both within the United Nations and with the Government and its partners. The UNDAF emanates from the rights-based CCA and translates the key dimensions of the country's major programme documents into a common operational framework for development activities upon which the individual United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programs will formulate their actions for the period 2005-2010.

The UNDAF focuses on three inter-related areas of cooperation where the United Nations System can utilize its accumulated experience, technical expertise and financial resources in achievement of the MDGs:

  1. Poverty alleviation and social services;
  2. Democratic governance; and
  3. HIV/AIDS.

These priority areas were agreed upon the completion of the CCA and initiation of a dynamic UNDAF process, a new level for inter-Agency consultations in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2003. At a two-and-a-half-day UNDAF retreat in June 2003 with Government and non-government representatives, consensus was reached among all UN Agencies. The UNCT also has identified a series of crosscutting issues that will be addressed in these three areas of cooperation, including human rights, gender equality, youth, population, conflict prevention and capacity building initiatives.

Three inter-Agency thematic working groups were established to support the UNCT in the elaboration of the UNDAF document. After an extensive review process by the Government, civil society and donors, a final draft of the UNDAF was presented to the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Prime Minister and other high-level officials at an unprecedented presentation with participation of all UN Agencies. The final document signed by all heads of UN Agencies was officially endorsed by the Prime Minister during the visit to Kyrgyzstan of UNDG Chair and UNDP Administrator Mark Malloch Brown in May 2004.

To download the text of the document, please click here.

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