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# 163
April 16, 2002

In this issue:


  • Preventive Development Forum held in Batken


  • SIDA Mission to Kyrgyzstan
  • The mission of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs representatives arrives to Kyrgyzstan


  • Joint UN Agencies Programme on Expanded Response to HIV/AIDS in the Kyrgyz Republic signed


  • Update on Counterpart Consortium/USAID/UNHCR/EU/SOROS Foundation - Supported NGO Activities


On April 9th the oblast administration of Batken together with Preventive Development component of UNDP Local Governance programme held its regular 5th meeting of Preventive Development Network Forum. The objective of the Forum was to bring together various international organizations and donors, international and national NGOs for a dialogue geared towards development efforts and coordination of activities in Batken oblast of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Forum meetings have become a regular event, organized every quarter and chaired by the Governor of Batken oblast, Mr. Mamat Aibalaev.

The list of invitees to the Forum included representatives from the UNDP Country Office in Bishkek, UNHCR, the head of the OSCE office in Osh, Mercy Corps, Soros Foundation in Kyrgyzstan, Red Cross and Red Crescent, the Foundation for Tolerance International, International Crisis Group, Swiss Coordination Bureau, WHO, UN Liaison Office in Osh and heads of local rayon and village municipalities, together with chairmen of local councils. The Forum members presented information on the activities they have had within the first quarter of 2002, and expressed their willingness for a continuous dialogue between the local authorities and international assistance projects implemented in Batken within Preventive Development.

Contact: Ruslan Monolbaev, Preventive Development Component Coordinator, UNDP Local Governance Programme. Phone: (996 312) 66 00 80; e-mail:


The UNDP Social Governance Programme and Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) are implementing the "100% More Women in Politics" component to support women parliamentarians and promote gender equality in politics in the Kyrgyz Republic. Ms. Bonnie Bernstrom and Ms. Carin Lann, international consultants from Sweden arrived to Kyrgyzstan to facilitate further development and finalization of two draft laws - 'On Gender Equality' and 'On Social and Legal Protection Measures for Victims of Domestic Violence', and strengthening overall collaboration and networking among women and men parliamentarians, NGOs and media agencies in joint work towards gender equality in decision-making levels. Another task of the mission was carrying out Gender Legislation Workshop for Members of the Parliament, NGOs, and Mass Media. The workshop was held at Pinara Hotel 12-13 April. According to the consultants and some participants the workshop was very effective and useful for all participants. The Gender Legislation Workshop is one of final events within the cooperation with SIDA funded component.

Contact: Sanjar Tursaliev, Cluster Task Manager, Social Governance Programme. Phone: (996 312) 66 38 85, 66 04 18; e-mail:

The mission of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed by the head of CIS department R. Aaseim will arrive to Kyrgyzstan on April 17-20. During the visit, the representative of the Norwegian foreign Ministry plans to meet with the head of foreign policy department of the President's administration Askar Aitmatov. He also plans to meet with deputies, representatives of the Ministry of defense and MFA of Kyrgyzstan. During these meetings, the sides will exchange their opinions about arrangements in the network of anti-terrorists coalition, condition and perspectives of further development of bilateral Kyrgyz-Norwegian relations. Besides the Norwegian MFA, the delegation plans to meet with representatives of OSCE and UNDP in Kyrgyzstan, where the delegation will familiarize with realization of projects financed by Norway, such as the center for children's social adaptation.

The delegation will also visit the Norwegian military contingent, billeted in Manas airport, will meet with organizers of Days of Kyrgyz culture in Norway, that are planned to organize in the Fall of 2002. At the end of the visit, the delegation will visit OSCE and UNDP representations in the city of Osh.


12 April Joint UN Agencies Programme on Expanded Response to HIV/AIDS in the Kyrgyz Republic was signed in the Government House, by Mr. Ercan Murat, UNDP Resident Representative, and Mr. Nikolay Tanaev, the First Vice Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Joint UN Agencies Programme on Expanded Response to HIV/AIDS in the Kyrgyz Republic was developed to respond the rapid growth of HIV epidemic in Kyrgyzstan, and also in accordance with the goals stated in the Declaration of the Special Session on HIV/AIDS of the General Assembly. The goal of the Programme is to support the efforts of the Government in the area of HIV prevention. Moreover, the implementation of the Joint Programme will facilitate coordination of activities and efforts of all national and international organizations to localize HIV infection epidemic, and decreasing of its influence on the society and economics of Kyrgyzstan.

The planned Programme budget is USD 1 million, out of which USD 510 000 has been already contributed to the Programme, including USD 400 000 from UNDP, USD 60 000 from UNAIDS, and 50 000 from UNFPA. UNV will offer a UN volunteer to work for the formulation of the media strategy in HIV/AIDS prevention area, and IOM will allocate one staff to carry out HIV/AIDS prevention activities among refuges and migrants. Besides that, UN Agencies, members of UN Theme Group are mobilizing additional resources for the programme realization.

Contact: Mrs. Larissa Bashmakova, Coordinator for HIV/AIDS Component, UNDP Social Governance Programme, tel./fax: (996 312) 66-36-91, tel.: (996 312) 66 16 17, e-mail:


Update on Counterpart Consortium/USAID/UNHCR/EU/SOROS Foundation - Supported NGO Activities

On April 3-4 2002 in the village of Kochkor, Naryn CSSC trainers - contractors conducted training "Social partnership" within the framework of "NGO support" program funded by Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan. Participants of the training were leaders and representatives of 9 NGOs, business (1) and state entities (1), ayil-okmotu (7) of Kochkor and Jumgal districts (total: 24 participants). The training participants gained the insight of social partnership, social partnership technologies for joining partners' efforts in social problems resolution.

On April 10, 2002 participatory community appraisal on economic activity development was conducted in the village of Ugut, Ak- Talin district of Naryn oblast, and 76 people, including 30 women, 16 representatives of youth and 30 men assembled to participate in this action. Given PCA was conducted within the framework of USAID and Counterpart Consortium "Community outreach" program.

Facilitators from Naryn oblast Civil society support center, funded through USAID and Soros foundation grants, helped villagers determine the main problems existing in the village and potential sources of its population's economic welfare increase. Meeting with villagers on CAP (Community Action plan) development is appointed for April 19, 2002. The issue of corrective action within CAP taking into account information received during given research will be discussed at this meeting.

On April 9, 2002 Karakol CSSC, functioning through USAID, EU and Soros foundation grant support, held a round table along with representatives of local authorities on following topic: "Preserve the cultural heritage of Issyk-Kul". During the discussion participants developed action plan on preservation of architecture, history and culture monuments. Oblast administration is developing regulation concerning administrative responsibility for non-conservation of architecture, history and culture monuments, based on historical and cultural heritage protection and usage act of the Kyrgyz Republic of July 27, 1999.

Contact: Counterpart Consortium, Lilia Kuchenova, IU/AUK Program Coordinator, NGO Information Coordinator, 107 Kievskaya str., 5th floor, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Phone: (996 312) 61 01 35, 61 00 22, 66 46 36; fax: (996 312) 61 00 21; Internet:

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