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# 192
May 16, 2003

In this issue:


  • The Second Volleyball Cup-Tie for Ferghana Valley Cup


  • UNODC mobilizes civil society efforts to take action against drug abuse and trafficking


The Volleyball Tournament was held in Osh city, the Southern capital of Kyrgyzstan. On 7-8 May the UNDP Preventive Development Programme jointly with USAID, other international organizations and NGOs initiated the Second Volleyball Cup-Tie for Ferghana Valley Cup.

This sport event was held to promote and maintain peace and social harmony, strengthen friendly and neighbour relations among diverse ethnic groups and develop people’s diplomacy among the nations of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. As it had been proved in practice, the goal of preventing conflicts most effectively can be reached through joint activities of local population.

Fourteen teams representing 3 oblasts of Uzbekistan and 3 from Kyrgyzstan participated in the tournament. In general, about 2000 people attended volleyball matches. The course of competition was widely covered in local mass media.

As it was said by Shukhrat Salikhodjayev, the trainer of Namangan Oblast Team, Uzbekistan, this tournament gave an opportunity to meet with Kyrgyz sportsmen, – “we express our willingness for further cooperation in order to consolidate friendship and invite our neighbors from other republics to attend different sporting events being held in Uzbekistan to strengthen understanding among all nations living in Ferghana Valley”.

Note: the First cup-tie of the previous International Competition, which was organized on May 7-8, 2002 in Kadamjay settlement in Batken oblast, was a great success and received good feedback both from sportsmen and local administrations.

The Preventive Development Programme operates in Barken oblast since 2000. Upon getting good results from the Programme’s implementation, the Programme was expanded, and since 2002 covers whole southern Kyrgyzstan. Involving local population into social projects, the Programme reaches its goal to prevent the threats of social and ethnic conflicts in the region, where together with high population density, there is a high level of unemployment resulting in poverty, people suffer from lack of drinking and irrigation water and restricted access to markets of neighboring countries.

Participating together in construction of water pipes and irrigation systems, the population gets access to safe drinking and irrigation water and implementing a number of other projects, local communities preserve peace and social harmony in the South of Kyrgyzstan, especially on border territories.

More detailed information on the Programme’s concept and activities can be found at

For additional information please contact: Abdiraim Jorokulov, Regional Coordinator of Preventive Development Component. Phone: (996 3222) 5 57 13. Fax: (996 3222) 5 78 37. Email:


Alay Foundation with support of the UNODC in Kyrgyzstan has launched a series of promotional activities in Alay and Chon-Alay regions of the country. The aim of the joint action is to mobilize civil society efforts to take action against drug abuse and trafficking and raise awareness among school children on drug issues.

Due to impoverished conditions and location of the Alay and Chon-Alay regions along famous illicit drug trafficking route from Tajikistan (Khorog) to Osh these regions are most vulnerable to the negative impact of drugs. Over 17 thousand school children from 30 schools will participate in action. The activities envisage arranging drawing and music contests on anti-narcotic themes, national games and tournaments, awarding rewards for winners, charity meals and distributing leaflets and posters among school children. 17 local both village councils and district state administrations agreed to provide support for planned activities.

The deputies of parliament, physicians and school administration representatives will take part in the organization of this wide-scale event. The action is expected to end up in Sary-Tash and Sopu-Korgon villages of Alay region. Alay Foundation will also arrange filming of the event.

Contact: Mr. Bakhtiar Mambetov, National Coordinator, UN ODC’s Sub-Office for the Kyrgyz Republic. Tel. +996 (312) 66 56 82, 66 05 22, e-mail:

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