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# 212
February 06, 2004

In this issue:


  • The draft of the UNDP Country Programme Document for the period of 2005-2010 was discussed in Bishkek


The draft of the UNDP Country Programme Document for the period of 2005-2010 was discussed on 5 February at the meeting of the National Programme Appraisal Committee in the UN House (Bishkek).

Over 70 participants, including high government officials, representatives of civil society and international organizations, as well as mass media, took part in the meeting.

“The UNDP Office was opened in Kyrgyzstan in 1993", said in his welcoming address Nikolai Tanaev, Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic, who chaired the meeting. "It became one of the first offices of international organizations opened in the country after gaining independence. These past years proved that UNDP and other UN agencies became our trustful and reliable partners. In close cooperation with this office we were enabled to overcome a lot of challenges. We continue to closely cooperate in areas of poverty reduction, introduce mechanism of social mobilization and improve governance at all levels,” he said.

UNDP Resident Representative Jerzy Skuratowicz emphasized that UNDP pays high importance to the process of preparation and, accordingly, discussion of the Country Programme Document. It will help to identify precisely the key areas of UNDP support to the country’s development in 2005-2010, in the final and the most important stage of the Comprehensive Development Framework realization. That is why it is extremely important to achieve coincidence of the CPD with key priorities of country’s development, which, in its turn will contribute to the effectiveness of UNDP programmes and to successful achieving MDGs in Kyrgyzstan. Besides, the programme will make a significant input into achieving of the UNDAF goals for 2005-2010.

“CPD must put a solid background for fruitful cooperation of UNDP with all partners in development, including state bodies, civil society, international organizations, scientific community and mass media. Thus, it would be very important to get answers to three main questions during today’s discussion: whether the document coincides with key priorities of Kyrgyzstan’s development; which area of international assistance to the country UNDP potential could be used most effectively and which ways could be used for strengthening partnership and coordination with all actors in development in 2005-2010,” Mr. Skuratowicz said.

CPD will be used in the process of design and implementation of all UNDP programmes in Kyrgyzstan up to 2010. That's why it includes analysis of current programs and evaluation of its impact on the processes of development, as well as components of a new program, including mechanism of its implementation, monitoring and evaluation. In accordance with UNDP mandate, four strategic areas for future activity were proposed to participants of the National Committee: poverty reduction through sustainable development; promoting democratic governance, strengthening human security and regional cooperation.

“In my opinion the document is addressed at achieving the most important targets of Kyrgyzstan at this stage of development, said Askar Aitmatov, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the meeting.

“The UNDP's CPD for 2005-2010 was designed in close cooperation with the WB and fully reflects the county’s priorities, said Dinara Djoldosheva, WB Country Officer.

All recommendations articulated in the course of the meeting will be considered in the process of CPD finalization. Then, after the final endorsement by the Kyrgyz Government the document will be submitted to UNDP HQs for approval. As an attachment the CPD has a Resource and Results Matrix.

“CPD gives a good opportunity for further strengthening of comprehensive and effective partnership and cooperation in maximizing of internal resources concentration and foreign assistance at the most important priorities of Kyrgyz Republic, indicated in CDF and NPRS," said Mr. Tanaev in conclusion. This approach is in full accord with a new level of partnership established both within the country, among the state and civil society, and with international partners and donor countries.” For additional information please contact Olga Grebennikova, UNDP Public Relations Officer. Tel.: (0 996) 312 61-12-13. Fax: (0 996) 312 61-12-17. Email:

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