What We Do - What UN does

Joint programs
The UN System in the Kyrgyz Republic has an excellent record in formulating and implementation of Joint Programmes. Although total funding in 2007 was small, the UNCT fully implemented two successful Joint Programmes in area of HIV/AIDS and Human Rights. In 2007, the participating UN agencies, programmes and funds signed additional two Joint Programmes envisaged to be implemented in 2008 - one supporting the UN coordination functions of the RC unit and another one in area of Disaster Response Coordination. The latter one was signed by eight UN Agencies, Swiss Agency for Development, IOM, National Red Crescent Society and the Prime Minister.
Theme groups
In 2007, the UN provided technical advice and expertise to address gaps in national policies and strategies. This function is traditionally the mandate of UN Theme Groups. The UNCT has five Theme Groups operating under its umbrella - Gender Theme Group, HIV/AIDS Theme Group, Communication Working Group, Operation and Management Working Group, and Youth Theme Group. Each of them is lead by the member of the UNCT. In 2007, all Theme Groups operated on basis of annual work plans developed jointly under the leadership of Chairs of each Theme Group.
Disaster management and disaster response
In 2007, the UNCT was explicitly perceived by the government and donors as one UN System with regard to disaster management and disaster response. The UNCT works together on Inter-Agency Contingency Planning and has the capacity to respond immediately to any natural emergency.