Translating Commitments on Gender Equality into Actions
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The publication, entitled United Nations in the Kyrgyz Republic: Translating Commitments on Gender Equality into Actions showcases UN’s work in supporting the country to achieve gender equality and promote women's rights.  

The United Nations entities have been present in Kyrgyzstan for more than 16 years. Over these years, we have worked in a dedicated manner with the Government, Parliament, media, academia and women’s organizations in building capacities, sharing knowledge and supporting priorities of gender equality and women’s rights.

The mandate of each individual organization of the United Nations System in Kyrgyzstan promotes gender equality in a specific area. In addition, bringing their comparative advantages in gender equality and women’s human rights, UN organizations join their efforts through a Gender Theme Group to provide coordinated support to the Government and gender equality advocates for action on gender equality.  

This publication explains the contributions, which the United Nations entities, individually or through collective efforts, are making to help the Government of Kyrgyzstan in fulfilling its commitments to achieve gender equality in the areas of poverty reduction, education, health etc.

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