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Bishkek, 25 October 2012 – Today an Open Door Day was held for refugees and asylum-seekers in the vocational school #98 in the framework of Community Technology Access where young refugees, their parents, and businessmen were introduced to vocational skills learning opportunities.

“Our school is happy to welcome new students and their parents. Many vocational skills are in high demand in Kyrgyzstan’s local labour market, especially among skilled labour, computer services, hairdressing and beauty. Give it a try, and you just might launch an in-demand career”, encouraged Nurisat Imankulova, director of the school.

The vocational school provides learning courses in computer literacy, web design, computer and mobile phone repair, hairdressing and manicure, all of which are skills in high demand within the Kyrgyzstani economy.

“Through capacity building of refugees and asylum-seekers UNHCR helps them to integrate into local communities, enhance self-sufficiency and opportunities for self-employment,” said Khurshed Yunusov, UNHCR OIC.

Representatives of business community participated in the Open Door Day and shared information on the job opportunities available for graduates and for those who are studying.

The Community Technology Access project is supported by UNHCR and already by the end of October 2012 29 refugees had graduated from accelerated two month vocational courses. The second batch began their courses in mid-October and another 59 refugees are enrolled for these programs. The project aims to strengthen the potential of refugees and asylum-seekers through learning and providing access to information technologies.

Up to 100 refugees will be able to gain formal qualifications which will be useful for entering the Kyrgyzstani job market and make them equally employable and qualified as Kyrgyzstan citizens. UNHCR plans to work further with other vocational schools to provide a wider selection of training in different geographical areas/different vocational skills.

To enhance the capacity of students, UNHCR equipped a computer classroom with internet access and new computers. The classroom will be used by all students, including non-refugees, to search the web to find vacancies, write resumes and learn to apply for advertised positions.

Since 1995 UNHCR has actively cooperated with the Government of Kyrgyzstan to assist refugees, stateless people and internally displaced people in Kyrgyzstan.


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