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Monday, 19 July 2010
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Source: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) on Reliefweb.int

Date: 16 Jul 2010

This situation report was issued by ROMENACA Sub-regional Office for Central Asia. It covers the period between 13 and 16 July (afternoon) 2010 local time. The next report will be the last of this series and will be issued on or around 20 July 2010.

- Detention targeting one ethnic group increasing at alarming rate
- Information on free Protection Help Line disseminated in local languages through radio and internet
- An estimated 2,250 houses destroyed or damaged

II. Situation Overview

On 15 July, the President issued a decree creating a National Commission to investigate the reasons for and consequences of the Osh events, and to develop recommendations for further government actions. The Commission is has been tasked with producing its report by 10 September, involving public servants and international experts where necessary, and publicising its results in the mass media. Meanwhile, the President has also given her consent for an parallel international commission of enquiry to be led by Kimo Kiljunen, Special Representative of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for Central Asia.

On 14 July, Emergencies Minister stated to journalists that the Ministry has asked for $130 million from the international community to rebuild about 2,000 houses and several schools in southern Kyrgyzstan.

On 14 July, the President unveiled most of the line-up of the new Government, which is tasked to govern the country until a new government is formed after the October elections.

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