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The overall goal of this programme is to make the Ombudsman office an effective institution to protect and promote human rights as well as rule of law and to provide the population with an effective tool to defend their rights and to address breaches of the law.

The UN Technical Assistance to the Kyrgyz Ombudsman Programme has been developed on the phase’s basis. The first phase was implemented from 2009 until 2011 and targeted improvement of the organizational structure and capacity building of the Ombudsman Institute. Taking into account that the project outputs have been successfully achieved and Kyrgyz Ombudsman demonstrated strong commitment to the reform process, the second phase of the project is to be launched. On the 19th of December 2011 the Steering Committee on the Joint UN Ombudsman Project with the participation of representatives of UN agencies and the Ombudsman Institute decided to continue the project for the next  3 years (2012- 2014).

The project will be implemented as a Joint UN project by UNDP (Democratic Governance Programme), UNICEF, OHCHR, UN Women and UNHCR together with the Kyrgyz Ombudsman Institute.

Contact persons:

Ilima Bokoshova, UNDP Programme Associate (), +996 312 611213

Maksat Usupbaeva, UNDP DG Programme Specialist (), +996 312 316311


Supporting documents:

  • Project Factsheet
  • Project Document
  • Project AWP


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