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Report of the Secretary-General's High-level Panel

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October 2, 2003

Distinguished Mr. President,
Distinguished Mr. Secretary General,
Distinguished Delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you, Mr. Julian Robert Hunte, on your election to the Presidency of the General Assembly and wish you success in the work of the present 58th session of the General Assembly under your wise guidance. Taking this opportunity, I would, also, like to extend deep appreciation to Mr. Jan Kavan, for the profound leadership of the 57th session of the General Assembly.

Mr. President,

This is my second successive participation in the work of the General Assembly of the United Nations. In my Statement last year I supported resolute actions of the antiterrorist coalition on liquidating the center of international terrorism in Afghanistan, located in the neighborhood with Central Asia, as well as the other measures of the world community in addressing global challenges to international peace and security. As life has demonstrated, the UN plays a positive role in organizing the common struggle against international terrorism. In this regard, the idea of giving the UN the leading role in guidance of the Global Antiterrorist Coalition, really deserves support.

One of the primary objectives of my last year's Statement was an appeal to the United Nations to recognize the great event in the history of our country - 2200-year anniversary of Kyrgyz Statehood, as an event of international status. The resolution of the General Assembly on Kyrgyz Statehood has profoundly aroused the national spirit of our people. We are sincerely grateful to this Organization for that. When any problems are emerging at a global, regional or national level, we apply to the United Nations and unfailingly get support.

Mr. President,

In recent months the United Nations has become an arena of acute debates. Some hotheads even allege, that the United Nations has exhausted its potential. I believe that such ideas contradict the interests of the world community, though, I do not see anything reprehensible in disputes on this theme as a whole. It is a demonstration of that democracy, for the development of which in the whole world the United Nations has brought considerable contribution.

Development of democracy at a national level, as is known, assumes struggle of opinions and criticism of authorities. Something similar takes place in the framework of the world community. Here also polarization of opinions is shown. But in this case, our common offspring - the United Nations - is endangered. Attempts to restrain its role are perceived, especially by small countries, as a means of undermining the international body, advocating the interests of mankind as a whole. There is a wise saying: "Small countries should have big friends". Such a big reliable friend of them is the United Nations.

At the same time, I would find difficulty to quarrel with the fact, that the activity of the United Nations did not yet become ideal. Its efficiency needs to be enhanced. We do understand the Secretary General's concern about the situation around the United Nations, and we share his evaluation of present situations in the world.

In this regard, the attention to the current session, paid by the heads of states of many countries, is so impressing. In statements on General Debate of Mr. George Bush, the President of the United States, Mr. Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, of Mr. Jacque Shirak, the President of France, of Mr. Gerhard Shroeder, Chancellor of Germany and other heads of states, despite the certain distinction of approaches, is obviously visible, that there is an aspiration to determine a role of the United Nations in the process of construction of a new world order, better addressing expectations of all people on the Earth.

The most efficient way of overcoming contradictions in political practice, as is known, is the way of seeking compromise. We note with satisfaction, that the method of compromise plays a positive role in erasing disagreements in such key issue for the contemporary world, as the situation in Iraq. It is an encouraging signal.

For my part, I would like again to emphasize, that any measures on a reorganization of the United Nations should proceed only and exceptionally from the ideas of updating the work of the Organization. The Kyrgyz Republic is ready to support reasonable proposals on this subject, including measures on increasing efficiency of the Security Council.

Mr. President,

I believe that alongside the efforts of seeking ways of reforming the UN, it is necessary to concentrate on those specific targets, which should be addressed- in the foreseeable future. In this regard, returning to the outcomes of the Millenium Summit, to those burning problems which have been raised in the bright report of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan "We - the peoples" and in the Millenium Declaration seems to me rather actual. The last three years have even more highlighted the importance of the issues raised in those documents.

Since then the fight against international terrorism, as one of the major challenges to the international peace and security, was added to them. The report of Mr. Kofi Annan, the Secretary General at the present session of the General Assembly concentrates attention of member-states of the United Nations to the necessity of increasing their efforts in implementing Millenium Declaration. Such position deserves broader support.

I believe, that only such all-purpose, broad-based, universal organization of global character, as the United Nations, is able to cope with problems faced by the world community. But it is necessary to help the United Nations. And we, all together, especially with the support of great powers, shall do it. If we shall not make it, if we shall operate separately, we can expect to turn for the worse.

Mr. President,

Besides common problems for the world community, each country has its own specific problems. Kyrgyzstan is determined in resolving them to lean on its own forces. Addressing this session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, I should emphasize concentration of our efforts on promotion of democratic processes. Last year I proposed the national idea "Kyrgyzstan - the country of human rights". For the development of this idea, the Democratic Code has been developed and Public Council of Democratic Security established. According to the outcome of the national referendum, the new drafting of the Constitution has been adopted, which much more comprehensively recorded the achieved level and new goals in the democracy development. These measures have given powerful stimulus to the progressive movement of our country to the democratic way.

We also devote strong attention to the establishment of fair, open and responsible governance, enhanced efficiency of conducting an anti-corruption policy. This year I have established the National Council on Conscientious Governance, called to strengthen the work conducted in Kyrgyzstan in this direction and to create an anti-corruption atmosphere.

We focus our major efforts to fight against poverty. But the republic cannot address this problem without the external help. Highly estimating a role of the United Nations in this given area, and measures undertaken by this Organization, we again and again appeal to the world community, to the developed countries not to reduce efforts in rendering assistance to the developing countries with the purpose of overcoming poverty there.

In autumn of 2002, under the aegis of the United Nations, the Global Mountain Summit was held in our capital, Bishkek. The Bishkek Mountain Platform adopted at the Summit has, in essence, become the outcome document of the International Year of Mountains, observed by the United Nations according to its decision, and has defined key problems on sustainable development of the mountain regions of our planet. To address them, Switzerland initiated creation of International Partnership on Sustainable Development of Mountainous regions, realization of which has already been started. But it is just the beginning: only the first blocks were placed to lay the foundation of a house, which is going to be build for mountain regions. Kyrgyzstan hopes that the United Nations and the organizations included in the system of the United Nations could provide help in establishment of International Information-Educational Center of the Mountain States and the Network of Developing Mountain States with its Secretariat in Bishkek. I believe, that the Kyrgyz Republic is the most optimal place for its activity since a majority of our country is mountainous.

Mr. President,

The United Nations faces an abundance of problems. And yet, the fight against international terrorism and other global challenges to mankind, such as political and religious extremism, territorial separatism, drugtrafficking, struggle against such fatal illnesses as HIV/ AIDS, tuberculosis and others, are needed to be addressed first and foremost. Preventive actions against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction are becoming a more live issue. Kyrgyz Republic fully supports the firm measures in this area. But, thus, we proceed from the position, that the use of force should be authorized by the resolutions of the Security Council of the UN and on the basis of the international law in order to prevent an emergence of elements of conflict and contention within the international community.

Alongside the efforts on the global level, necessary measures should be taken on regional and national levels. I believe, that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's activity, with the leading role in it o f Russia and China, actively leaning on its Central-Asian participants, is an example of such measures.

Mr. President,

Concluding my Statement, I would like, again, to emphasize not only the full confidence in the United Nations, but also determination of the Kyrgyz Republic, together with the partners from the international community, to struggle resolutely for maintenance and strengthening of this organization, which we count as the most fully suitable to our deepest interests. Let God help us in this mission, and all warmhearted people of the world to join our prayer for its successes and prosperity.

Thank you for your attention.

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