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# 207
October 29, 2003

In this issue:


  • The National Presentation of Kyrgyzstan's First Progress Report on Advancement towards the Millennium Development Goals Held
  • MDG Photo Exhibition “To Make This World a Better Place”
  • UN Journalist Club Opened in Bishkek
  • Trade exhibition of handicrafts in Osh


The National Presentation of Kyrgyzstan's first Progress Report on advancement towards the Millennium Development Goals was held on UN Day, 24 October, at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The Report has become a result of an extensive collaboration of the UN System with the Kyrgyz government, civil society, external development partners and mass media.

As Mr. Jerzy Skuratowicz, UN Resident Coordinator, put it, “Now we all have to work hard to make the goals a reality. May national efforts on achieving the MDGs unite the people of Kyrgyzstan for the sake of peace and the country's development”.

The Presentation was the culmination of the UN Week. More than 600 guests including Government officials, representatives of NGOs, academia, international and diplomatic organizations, students and children were invited to see a theatre performance and to share common values and hopes in achieving MDGs in Kyrgyzstan. Prepared in close partnership with broad specter of partners, including the CDF Secretariat, academia, MDG ambassadors, culture and art circles, the event aimed at starting the dialogue in the Kyrgyz society on progress done in achieving the MDGs, as well as constrains and challenges to overcome on this path.

Almost two weeks earlier, celebrations to commemorate the UN Day in Kyrgyzstan started with the opening of the MDG Photo Exhibition “To Make This World a Better Place” in the Kyrgyz Russian Slavonic University on 16 October organized jointly by the United Nations Family and the UN Association of the Kyrgyz Republic.

More than 90 best photos by Kyrgyz photographers, who participated in the competition announced by the United Nations Family in Kyrgyzstan and the UN Association in Kyrgyzstan were presented at the Exhibition. Eighteen professional and non-professional photographers, who participated in the competition presented their vision of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Poverty, environment, access to education, maternal and children health, threat of HIV/AIDS and gender problems – these themes were shown through the focus of life in Kyrgyzstan and the prism of a camera lens.

“MDGs could be achieved in the country if only the entire society will participate in a dialogue, make an input into decision making process and will join its efforts in its aspiration to make this world a better place”, said Mr. James Lynch, Chief of the UNHCR Mission in Kyrgyzstan during the opening ceremony.

“The vision of artists on MDG is represented at this Exhibition", said Mr. Ednan Karabaev, Head of the United Nations Association of the Kyrgyz Republic. "And it is symbolic because photographers possess the gift of feeling this world in a different way and could see many things invisible for ordinary people. That is why we are proud that so many photographers expressed their interest and willingness to participate in the competition”, he added.

“The philosophy of photography consists of three parts: what an author wanted to tell, what he managed to tell and what was told apart of him”, said at the Exhibition Mr. Vladimir Pirogov, the winner of the competition among professional photographers, laureate of the World Press Photo. "What you need is to catch a moment and unforgettable expression", he said.

The exhibition was displayed at the Kyrgyz Russian Slavonic University during the whole UN Week.

Also the UN Week events included a contest among students in all Kyrgyz Universities for the best essay on MDGs, the Student Conference in Bishkek, a publication of the UN “Dialogue” magazine and Children Booklet on MDGs, a set of radio programmes on MDGs produced by young journalists, a number of publications prepared by the UN Agencies for distribution; and inauguration of the UN Journalist Club.

More than forty journalists representing major Kyrgyz media, Russian and international news agencies expressed their interest to participate in regular UN Journalist Club meetings.

“I am glad to see that so many Kyrgyz journalists are interested in the UN activity and supported our initiative to establish the UN Journalist Club”, said Jerzy Skuratowicz, UN Resident Coordinator in his welcoming address. “I am sure that the Club will play a significant role in popularizing the UN mission in Kyrgyzstan”, he added.

UN Resident Coordinator in Kyrgyzstan also highlighted that the focus of the UN Week in Kyrgyzstan is Millennium Development Goals. Then he described each UN Agency’s input into the process on the path of MDG achieving and added that MDG could be achieved in the country only if the entire Kyrgyz society would participate in a debate on the issues of development and efforts of the Kyrgyz Government, civil society and international donors would be well coordinated. “That is why the role and input of mass media in this process cannot be overestimated, he reiterated.

Heads of UN Agencies making their addresses to the participants of the UN Journalist Club meeting pointed out that success of the United Nations presence much depends on the support from the Kyrgyz society and mass media plays a significant role in this area.

“We are enjoying our relations with media, noted James Lynch, Head of the UNHCR Mission in Kyrgyzstan. We’ll support your initiatives and provide you with any kind of information you need in order to strengthen our link.”

For more information please contact Arkady Divinsky, UN Coordination Associate; or Asel Sekimova, UNDP Information Assistant. Phone: (996 312) 61 12 13. E-mail: or

On 24 October a week long trade exhibition of handicrafts manufactured by the women artisans of the southern oblasts of Kyrgyzstan was opened in National Museum of Osh city.

The exhibition organized by the staff of UNDP Preventive development Programme and devoted to the UN Day became the second exhibition of this kind organized by the UNDP. This time it was aimed at supporting the poor needlewomen and artisans from Osh, Batken and Jalal-Abad provinces and at promotion of the Millennium Development Goals, the one of which is the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women.

About 30 women brought the handicrafts manufactured by artisans of their rayons and villages to present at the exhibition. More than 500 presented exhibits included the national wool and felt carpets, national dresses and other goods that made the exhibition colorful and attractive.

The exhibition was opened by the welcoming addresses by Ms. Bostonova, Deputy governor Osh oblasts, Ms. Kasacheva, Vice mayor Osh city and UNDP representatives. The widely advertised exhibition attracted the representatives of the international organizations, government institutions, NGOs, students.

It is hoped by organizers that proceeds from sale would significantly contribute to the budgets of the women-artisans, for whom selling their goods is often the only source of revenue. Besides, most of needlewomen got advantageous offers for cooperation from international organizations, private companies and souvenir shops.

For more information please contact: Abdiraim Jorokulov, UNDP Preventive Development Programme Manager at (0 3222) 5 55 38, (0 502) 35 67 88 (mobile); e-mail: ; or Anastasiya Toropova, UNDP Programmes Gender Coordinator at (996 312) 66 38 85, 66 04 18; e-mail:

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