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Monday, 21 April 2014

The Millennium Declaration and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), unanimously approved by Member States during the United Nations Summit in 2000, have determined the development vectors and priorities until 2015. Progress towards the MDGs for the Kyrgyz Republic is intimately linked to specific interventions and attainment of national indicators in the context of the country’s development.

The current National Report is the third since 2000. The analysis conducted for the report suggests that despite significant internal and external challenges and risks, the interventions undertaken by the Kyrgyz Republic enabled progress towards achieving the MDGs.

In the meantime, the Kyrgyz Republic is undertaking intensive efforts aimed at building and strengthening the democratic state, ensuring sustainable development, overcoming internal problems, the legacy of the past, and preventing emerging risks and challenges.

The National Sustainable Development Strategy has been elaborated (as of January 2013) following the initiative of Almazbek Atambayev, President of the Kyrgyz Republic, in partnership with government agencies, civil society and international organizations. A number of additional national strategies and programmes have also been developed.

There are less than two years until the deadline of 2015 specified in the Millennium Declaration for  achieving the MDGs. The current report depicts the situation in the Kyrgyz Republic, recognizing the need to address crucial challenges and risks related to sustainable development, and outlining the strategic vision of the country’s development as reflected in national policies and programmes and close cooperation with development partners. We hope that the analysis will encourage an increasing focus among all development partners in overcoming the most pressing challenges for the benefit of the people of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Please, follow the links to follow the report in English and Russian.

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