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Tuesday, 08 February 2011
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Executive Summary
Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet State, is located in Central Asia bordering Kazakhstan to the North, Uzbekistan to the West, Tajikistan to the South and China to the East. The capital is Bishkek located in the North of the country. With a Gross Domestic Product per capita of US$ 2,200 at Purchasing Power Parity, Kyrgyzstan is classified as a low income country. Life expectancy at birth is 69 years and Kyrgyzstan is ranked 120 out of 182 on the UNDP’s Human Development Index. Following the collapse of the Soviet  Union, Kyrgyzstan faced a severe economic recession which impacted its capacity to adequately fund its health system.   
Despite many challenges for the Kyrgyz health system people with diabetes are given special attention with a Diabetes law that addresses the free provision of all aspects of care including insulin, oral medicines, consultations and laboratory tests.
Publisher WHO
Published date 01, Jan. 2009
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