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Manager to support implementation of project on Reading and Early Literacy Activities for Young Children in Kyrgyzstan and mobile libraries component of Gulazyk project Отправить другу Версия для печати
Expire date Четверг, 01 Май 2014
Contract type Individual Consultancy Contract
Duration 10 months (May 2014- February 2015)
Place Bishkek, field trips are envisaged.
Terms of Reference

Objective of the consultancy/services

Individual contractor services are required to support implementation of Reading and Early Literacy Activities for Young Children in Kyrgyzstan project.

 1. Background

For about 86 per cent of children in the Kyrgyz Republic, early stimulation and involvement in literacy activities fully depends on their family members, as they have no access to kindergartens or other early childhood development programmes. According to a UNICEF assessment only 10 per cent of the caregivers from rural areas read books to children regularly, 41 per cent read books seldom and 48 percent never read books to their children. Children tend to be left on their own, without age-appropriate stimulation. Knowledge about early childhood care and education in families is poor, and families lack books, journals or possibilities to exchange their concerns. Families have a very limited access to children’s books and underestimate the importance of early childhood stimulation, including the involvement of children in early literacy activities by primary caregivers. There is also a shortage of children’s books in the Kyrgyz language. Kindergartens and village libraries have not renewed their collections for many years, and school libraries are not considered for public use.

Based on the abovementioned facts, UNICEF decided to engage in project aimed at promoting reading and early literacy activities for young children. The main strategy of the project is a communication campaign on the important role that parents and communities have in giving children the best start in life through reading and other literacy activities.

Overall, there is a growing interest of donors to the area of early reading. USAID supported project on Reading started in late 2013; AKF has a project on Family reading; and on a global Early Grade Reading is also an area of focus for GPE, Open Society Foundation allocated funds for mobile libraries under Gulazyk project. Thus, it is expected that the contractor will contribute to UNICEF’s role in strengthening partnership, collaboration and alignment to Government priorities of all partners active in the area.

 The given initiative contributes to Outcome one: Equitable, Quality and Responsive Systems for Children.

  1. 2. Scope of the Work

The assistance of individual contractor is required due to the integrated nature of the project interventions which require participation of multiple stakeholders and agencies from different areas like Education and Health, involvement of several implementing partners in project implementation: PF Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva, Education Initiatives Support Foundation, and National Library as well as the geographical distribution of the project (5 provinces: Batken, Jalal-Abad, Talas, Chui and Issik-Kul).

The incumbent will cover the following tasks:

  • -Contribute to overall project implementation, coordination and reporting of Reading and Early Literacy Activities for Young Children in Kyrgyzstan project and mobile libraries part of the Gulazyk project;
  • -Ensure synergy and consistency within the projects implemented by partner organization, namely: PF Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva, Education Initiatives Support Foundation, and National Library.
  • -Assist with facilitation of the systematic coordination meetings with Government and non-government agencies working in reading. Engage in constant communication with UNICEF and implementing partners to ensure synergies among sub-components and projects;
  • -Facilitate logistics of events organized in the frame of the project implementation;
  • -Supervise the quality of outputs (i.e. print and video materials) produced within the project including coordination work with designer and publishers. Make sure that all newly developed print/audio/video materials are evaluated using gender and inclusion lenses;
  • -Guide implementing partners on best local and international practices in the area of reading and early literacy activities including participation in preparation of the zero draft of the documents;
  • -Draft progress and final reports to be shared with MOES, partners and donors;
  • -Draft human interest stories related to project implementation and results
  • -Work closely with M&E team on design, implementation and finalization of surveys, studies undertaken within the project frame.

 3. Deliverables and timeframe

The incumbent will be adhering to the following timeframe and deliverables (some changes in dates are possible after negotiations with project partners):



Preliminary Dates


Logo and motto of the project is developed in cooperation with the designer and approved by UNICEF

Mid-May 2014

To be approved in cooperation with Communication unit

List of recommended books for procurement for 26 libraries is approved by respective organizations

Mid-May 2014

To be developed in close cooperation with MOES, KAE, Ministry of Culture

List of recommended 25 target libraries is verified and approved

Mid-May 2014

Needs assessment is undertaken in several of proposed libraries and compliance with the eligibility to participate in the pilot is verified

Coordination and reporting mechanism among implementing partners and project stakeholders is set up

Mid-May 2014


Joint communication plan is developed in cooperation with implementing partners

Mid-May 2014

To be approved by Communication unit

Magic Box concept note and draft materials are submitted for MOH approval

Mid-May 2014


Quality assurance of trainings for representative of VHCs is undertaken


Dates of the trainings to be specified with Batken district

Bilateral meetings with organizations, agencies working in the area are undertaken. Joint action plan is drafted

End of May 2014


Draft guidance for baseline research questionnaire  is proposed

June 2014


Report on quality of trainings for preschool education teachers and librarians is prepared and shared with recommendations

End of June 2014


Monitoring visits are undertaken to selected libraries. Recommendations are provided to libraries on best international practices in child/family friendly space organization

End of June (July)

Upon completion of furniture delivery

Monitoring visits are undertaken as a part of Karavan of Stars Reading to children

End of July

To be coordinated with PF Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva

Recommendations are provided regarding improvement of action plans developed by target libraries

End of August 2014


Monitoring visits are undertaken during implementation of the action plans of the target libraries

End of September 2014


Concept note, preliminary agenda and list of participants of Reading conference are developed

End of September

In cooperation with USAID Reading project

1 human interest story is developed covering Stars Reading to children and other project activities

End of October 2014


1 human interest story on Magic Box is developed

End of October 2014


Monitoring visits in target communities of Gulazyk Magic Box are undertaken

Throughout of October 2014


Logistical and content support is provided for the National Conference on Family Reading

November 2014

To be coordinated with Communication (under CRC 25 umbrella)

Draft guidance for end line research questionnaire  is proposed

November 2014


Draft project proposal for continuation of the Reading Initiative in Kyrgyzstan is submitted

December 2014


Documentation of two project interventions is conducted and recommendations are proposed for further scale up at the national level

January 2015

Reading and Early Literacy Activities for Young Children in Kyrgyzstan project

Results of the documentation are shared with respective stakeholders

February 2015


At least 2 human interest stories, photos, video documents and contributions to the final donor report are submitted

February 2015

In cooperation with Communication unit

Contributes to drafting of the press-releases and briefing notes for media coverage

Throughout the contract time

In cooperation with Communication unit

Supervises the adherence of the project partners to approved communication plan and ensures visibility of UNICEF as per the recommendations of Communication Unit

Throughout the contract time

Under the supervision of Communication team

Assists in preparation and minutes taking of coordination meetings twice per month

Throughout the contract time



  1. 4. Duration of Assignment

The incumbent will be contracted for 10 months between May 1, 2014 and February 28, 2015.

  1. 5. Reporting and supervision

The contractor will work under the direct supervision of Saltanat Builasheva, ECD Officer in close collaboration with Galina Solodunova, Communication for Development Specialist.

 6. Conditions:

Interested candidates should submit their offers accompanied with the proof of experience in project implementation and conducting relevant activities.

 UNICEF will provide the contractor with:

  • -Contract fee at monthly rate for the duration of the contract
  • -Travel subsidies when/if trip is required.

Travel will be undertaken only upon receiving an approved Travel Authorization from UNICEF. Air travel will be as per UNICEF rules: the most direct, most economical route.

80% of the Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) will be transferred to the expert before the start of travel. DSA is to cover expenses associated with the expert’s boarding, lodging and minor miscellaneous expenses, and will be provided for travel days as per UNICEF rules.

  1. 7. Performance indicators

The Contractor’s performance will be evaluated against the following criteria: timeliness, responsibility, initiative, communication, and quality of the products delivered.

  1. 8. Qualifications for the Assignment

Minimum Requirements for incumbent:

  • -Advanced degree in education or related field 
  • -General knowledge of ECD sector within the country with particular focus on reading and early literacy activities
  • -Excellent analytical and report writing skills in Russian and English
  • -Ability to work under time pressure
  • -Availability for extensive in-country travel
  • -Previous experience with UNICEF is an asset
  • -Possession of key contacts and a network within the ECD sector and relevant Government agencies, Ministries, donor agencies and private sector actors
  • -Ability to work in diverse teams and coordinate flexibly
  • -Ability to work remotely with minimal supervision and exercise judgment in interactions with implementing agencies and partners
  • -Knowledge of Kyrgyz language is strongly preferred
Contact information
Qualified candidates are requested to submit the following documents:
· P11, Cover letter with references to relevant experience and qualifications;
· Proposed rates for the above-mentioned consultancy.
in closed envelope by COB, 01 May 2014 with the vacancy refrence number- VNC/KIRA/12/14 
to the address below:
160 Chui avenue, UN House, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. 
Download Form p.11.eng.unicef.zip (Размер: 17 Kb)
Supporting Documents Early Reading Coordinator TOR 2014.docx (Размер: 32 Kb)
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